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Vacation Breakfast

New Brunch Menu

Pastries - $5

Butter Croissant - $2

Keurig Cup - $5

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict - $25

Much More...

IMG_0552 2.heic

Kava Lounge

'Apu - $5

Kanoa - $20

Wai Niu - $6+

Liquid Gold - $4



“Great service, easy going and chilled, avocado on toast was possibly the tastiest meal eaten in Hawaii, simple, fresh and delicious. A must stop on your tour.”

Da Beans Green Homemade Masala Chai.JPG

“Absolutely lovely cafe. Had excellent chai tea and avocado toast. Highly recommend!”

Come For Deliciousness!

Raw. Organic. Cold Brew. 100% Kona Coffee.

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