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So many people say, "Da Beans Green? That's an interesting name." Then they try our signature one-of-a-kind coffee, made from raw green Kona beans and they respond, "Oh the BEANS are GREEN! I get it." At that moment a core memory is made and they will never forget us. We look forward to helping you make memories too!


We've had a long time love affair with food... then it became a love of ourselves & healthful food!

We are passionate about bringing delicious flavors at a reasonable price to the people of Hawaii and the travelers who visit.

Mahalo for your support!

Our cafe is all about providing the best to our community; the best-tasting food and the healthiest options! 

Aloha in Every Sip
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Da Beans Green Map

We are no longer mobile! Dese Beans are putting down roots in Mountain View, right next to Pele's Hana 'Ana Hostel!

Check out our new hours of availability starting Mid May.

Start your day off right!

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Fresh & Clean

Beans Membership

It's not just coffee, it's a culture. 

Becomes a Beans Member and experience first class service. Free coffee, unlimited coffee, discounted comestibles, discounted catering and much more!

Coffee with Friends
Beans Membership

Customer Feedback

Leave a review and get a discount!


"Eclectic n electric!
Beautifully put together space. Comfortable homelike feel.
Treats the way I make them nutritious and delicious then plant based to boot!

And… local art and chocolate.
Great use of the space with a Hostel to stay in."

Wilderness Breakfast

“Great service, easy going and chilled, avocado on toast was possibly the tastiest meal eaten in Hawaii, simple, fresh and delicious. A must stop on your tour.

Voice Review
Yellow Wall

If seeing is believing then word of mouth is the coconut whip cream on the coffee!

Healthy Diet

Catering Services

Wedding, Birthday, Family Reunion... We do it all! If you're hosting an event were you would love to wow your guests, send an inquiry today and get the scoop on how we can help!

Contact Us for Tailored Experience

Catering Service
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