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Raw Kona Coffee

Da Beans Green

Raw. Organic. Cold Brew. Kona Coffee.

Da Beans Green

Da Beans Green

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You need raw Coffee


Expertly crafted with premium beans, organic grown with plant based accompaniments 


Oh babe we like it...Healthful

Benefits of Raw Coffee

  • Antioxidants & Anti-inflammatory

  • Potential Weight Loss

  • Avoid Diabetes & Heart Disease

Tropical Plant
Cups of Coffee

The History of Coffee

 As with many things in history, it starts as an experience and becomes legendary.

Our story of coffee is very much the same.

Once upon a time...

There was a goat herder named Kaldi, who lived near what is now known as the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau. He discovered that his sheep would become especially energetic after consuming the berries from a particular tree.

Kaldi reported his findings to the local monastery. A monk make a drink from the berries and found the same results, it gave him more energy and better focus through out the day and evening.

Over the next few centuries coffee consumption spread around the world. It was common to find coffee houses, a.k.a qahveh khaneh, schools of wise, and penny universities, where people would commonly gather to share knowledge and socialize with each other.

Coffee has been an intricate part of our worlds society since the 1500 century. Some people have dedicated their entire lives to the pursuit of making coffee 'better'.

At Da Beans Green we know that nature got it right the first time! That is why all our coffee is raw with no roasting, long cold brewed for rich flavor, fresh from local Kona farms here on Big Island and organically grown or certified organic for your enjoyment. 

Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg

It's Coffee O'clock

Choose Your Mix

Regular or Iced, you can't go wrong. Choose from 20+ varieties of unique island flavored vegan accompaniments to customize your drink and make your taste buds hula!

Place Your Order

Pick Up is always available! We have Delivery in select locations as well via DoorDash and Uber Eats. 

Enjoy with Friends

Coffee is fuel.

Coffee is ritual.

Coffee is social.

Coffee is community.

Most of all, coffee brings people together. Share the joy of raw coffee with friends!  

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